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Updates on Jahar's friends

Fallout from Marathon bombing case: Innocents snared and Imprisoned 

Updates on Jahar's friends 
Karin Friedemann
Matanov Commissary Fund Started

An account has been opened for Khairullozhon Matanov's commissary fund. He will need money to buy things like soap, toothpaste and snacks. Elena Teyer, Ibrahim Todashev's mother-in-law, made a donation of $50.

If you would like to deposit money into Khair's commissary fund, just click the link, register and you can enter either his last name or his register number. The facility is Plymouth County Sheriffs Dept. It is very simple. Thank you so much for anything you can do to help this young man, but do not send large amounts of money or else it could be used to deny him access to his government-appointed lawyer. 

To write to Mr. Matanov, address letter to:

Khairullozhon Matanov # 65363?, Unit GSE, Room # 107, ?PCCF, ?26 Long Pond Road, ?Plymouth, MA 02360

Matanov Neighbor Speaks Out

"We would always say hi to each other in the hallway or parking lot!" stated Aurora, a woman who lived in the same apartment building as Khair.

"I have to say, he is a kid with a big smile, full of life and very presentable. He's not the average 23 year old guy, very classy person, and cleaned up, very high maintenance. I really hope everything sorts out and this kid gets his life back! We need intelligent people walking on the street, not bums or thugs... He is innocent till proven guilty!"

"I knew him a bit, just hi and hello cause I always worked and so did he, so we barely even saw each other in the building, but he always was friendly and never gave me the impression that he was being watched. He was always happy, a kid!

She also mentioned that Khair's roommate hasn't been seen since Khair's arrest. This is somewhat worrying since all of the other Russian-speaking friends of friends of Jahar or Tamerlan Tsarnaev - even those who didn't even know the Tsarnaevs - have been detained and/or deported from both Massachusetts and Florida.

Bayan Kumiskali to testify at roommate Azamat Tazayhakov's trial

The government plans to call Bayan Kumiskali, the long time (six years) partner of Dias Kadyrbayev, as a witness for the upcoming trial of UMass student Azamat Tazayhakov, who rented a room in their apartment. She received immunity in exchange for her testimony. She was already called in front of the Grand Jury before. The defense once mentioned that Bayan said she had seen cameras and they had recorded their interviews, so her testimony may be helpful to the defense.

Dias and Azamat Separated

Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazayhakov, who have been sharing a cell at the Essex County Jail in Middleton, MA will return to their former separate cells that they were put in when first arrested. Dias is in unit 120a Cell 115 and Aza is unit 120a Cell 110. The judge said in the beginning that they would be separated again closer to trial, as they are being tried separately, so this was expected.

Azamat Defense Proposes Jury Instruction

In a highly creative move, Attorney Nicholas Wooldridge submitted 41 statements that the defense asks to be shown to the jury as additional instruction.

"Since the indictment is not evidence and since it does not purport to prove or even indicate evidence against the defendant, you are to give no weight whatsoever to it. Every defendant begins trial with an absolutely clean slate and without any evidence against him. Remember that those are merely accusations. What matters is the evidence, or lack thereof, that you heard in the trial," reads a document presented by Azamat Tazayhakov's defense team.

"A person has no legal obligation to voluntarily provide information or things requested by investigators," it reads.

Most of the document has a very general tone instructing jurors on the concept of US Law but Request #21 gets so specific to the case it's inflammatory!

"Caution as to Witness Who Received Immunity: "You have heard the testimony of Bayan Kumiskali. She provided evidence under an immunity agreement with the government. Some people in this position are entirely truthful when testifying. Still, you should consider the testimony of this individual with particular caution given that she was given an agreement from the government not to be prosecuted for her role in the alleged conduct. They may have had reason to make up stories or exaggerate what others did because they wanted to help themselves."

This entire document seems like a very unique approach to attempting to publicize the defense point of view. See: 

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