Saturday, July 5, 2014

UN Exploits North Waziristan Genocide

650,000 Civilians Ousted from their homes by Pakistani army

On June 10, 2014 ten members of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan joined by Uzbek fighters took over the Karachi airport and engaged in a shootout which left 30 people including all of them dead. According to CNN, the TPP posted on their Facebook page:

"The biggest reason for attacking Karachi airport is because it serves as the biggest air logistics center supplying goods for the Crusaders' war in Afghanistan and Pakistan."

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the CIA got permission to use Pakistani airspace and airports in exchange for doing Pakistan the favor of assassinating a local chief with a Predator drone, even though he posed no threat to the US. “The CIA wanted access to airspace to conduct drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal regions, which that country had previously considered a breach of sovereignty. The two countries made a deal.”

In response to the airport attack, the Pakistani government launched “Operation Zarb-i-Azb” against North Waziristan five days later. The military warned the population via pamphlets distributed at local mosques. People had very little advance notice.

Hundreds of thousands of people and their animals marched from their homes in the blazing heat with few provisions. Children are dying of heat exhaustion on the side of the street.

"Poor people were walking on foot. They looked like a human sea, of youngsters and adults. Some people fainted, so people poured water on them to revive them."

“They have launched this operation just before the Holy Month, but these militants were living here for years. Why now?” a man named Khan lamented to a reporter.

Given the advance notice, the Taliban and Uzbek foreign fighters disappeared. The Pakistani government has been shelling North Waziristan with helicopters without actually fighting anyone. The families are the ones facing the hardship of travel.

"We could only manage to get ourselves out of Miranshah," one man told UNHCR staff, referring to the capital of the mountainous North Waziristan region. "We left all our belongings. The Pakistani government was bombing our villages."

The death toll of cattle is a crime in itself - 1.5 million cows have died because farmers were forced to leave them behind, or if they tried to bring them out of the war zone, the cows died of broken limbs or exhaustion along the way.

“I let all my 10 cows loose after they refused to come along,” said Gul Wazir with tearful eyes while remembering his animals he “loved like my children.”

Why would a government decide to evacuate an area but provide no food or water or transportation along the way? Why do they want the area “cleared out?” For what?

Many have sought safety in the Khyber-Pakhtunkwa province. A former refugee in Pakistan, Wali said: "We were assisted by Waziristanis during the 1980s, when we fled Khost [during the Soviet occupation]. They welcomed us and extended their generous support. It is now our moral duty and obligation to assist and help these needy families."

That is wonderful, but whose idea was it for Pakistan’s government to uproot an entire region of the country and then decide that it would be the UN’s duty to make sure the people don’t die? The US is said to have encouraged these bombings. Why?

According to CNN, talks between TTP and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif led nowhere. The government and the security forces found it impossible to accept TTP demands like enforcement of Sharia, withdrawal of the army from the tribal regions and a peace zone for itself. In retaliation for breakdown of government talks with the Taliban, the army began pounding Chinese Uyghur hideouts in the Waziristan mountains. Why not just give them states rights? Why punish the Uyghurs? It gets crazier.

So far this year, 54 of Pakistan's 83 confirmed polio cases have been in North Waziristan. Taliban militants banned vaccinations in the summer of 2012, denying UN access. Frustrated, the WHO made plans as early as February to be prepared “if anything happened.” They were immediately ready for action, despite official claims that they had no advance notice of Pakistan’s ethnic cleansing campaign.
The UN is using this upheaval as their glorious opportunity to circumvent local government. Dozens of checkpoints are set up along the roads where refugees are registered and then given drops of the oral polio vaccine. As of June 30, 468,000 individuals had been registered. Reportedly very few are refusing the vaccine. UN officials have already admitted the vaccination campaign is useless since multiple doses are required for immunity to take place. There is no central place in which to give vaccinations. Almost all the refugees have refused to reside in the government-run camp. However, UN officials are now using vaccination as an excuse to do door-to-door registration of all residents of areas where refugees are settling.

This is a very bizarre campaign considering the main way to stop the spread of disease has to be via basic water and sanitation. Huge numbers of people are living in close, dirty conditions creating perfect conditions for every kind of illness, the most commonly reported being upper respiratory infections and heat exhaustion.

Is the UN using Pakistan to unload outdated vaccines? Islamic organizations need to inquire whether these polio vaccines are the “killed virus” used in the West or if they are “live viruses” probably expired since the US stopped using them a decade ago.

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