Sunday, March 13, 2016

Natural Health Care Practitioners Murdered, Disappeared

When I first read the news on June 23, 2015 that renowned autism researcher, Jeff Bradstreet, MD was found face down in a river with a gunshot wound to the chest and that it had been ruled a suicide, I was skeptical but could accept that the "vaccines cause autism" doctor could be driven to suicide in the same way that the "germs cause infections" doctor was committed to a mental institution where he killed himself after being scorned by the medical establishment.

Bradstreet had dedicated decades of his life to treating autism as a vaccine injury caused by mercury poisoning. Later the FDA tried to tote thimerosal as a safe alternative to mercury, but Bradstreet debunked their claim in his practice, which successfully helped many people with autism through chelation, a nutrition-based way of helping the body expel the mercury.

Dr. Bradstreet faced professional scorn as a result of his research and practice. In 2004 his work was dismissed by the Institute of Medicine, which was paid by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce a report rejecting any association between autism and vaccination. He was also ridiculed for mercury detoxification treatment by a special master in vaccine court.

The Epoch Times [ ] reported that "shortly after an FDA and DEA raid on his clinic in Buford, Georgia, Dr. Bradstreet suddenly died. The FDA - which continues to maintain that thimerosal is safe despite contrary evidence produced by him and other researchers - would not comment on why its agents visited his clinic.

An investigation is ongoing and a fundraising effort has been set up by his brother "To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr. Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play."

The doctor's wife does not believe it was suicide. Lori Bradstreet writes on their gofundme page that her husband "was tirelessly dedicated to his family and treated his patients as family. He was a champion for the truth. He was a fighter and would never just quit. His desire to be "the voice for those had no voice" was evident in all he did. What we were told happened really does defy all reason. Thank you for all your help to find the truth."

It stopped looking like suicide to me after several other natural health doctors also mysteriously died in the days following. It has started to look like doctors who question the safety of vaccines are being systematically murdered. Other doctors have also gone missing the past few weeks too.

Dr. Bruce Hedendal, DC PhD, died suddenly on June 21 in Boca Roton, Florida. He had had a recent meeting with the feds, was investigated and charged shortly before he mysteriously died. This doctor was healthy and fit, friends say, with a thriving practice. Hedendal, also an anti-vaccine advocate, was found dead in his car, but there was no accident nor was the car running.

Then on June 29, popular holistic doctor Teresa Ann Sievers, MD in Bonita Springs, Florida was gruesomely murdered while she was home alone. Neighbors reported hearing her scream. Lee County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday they were pursuing several leads in connection with the slaying. They reassured locals that no threat to the general population exists and that the murder was targeted, not random, but remained "tight-lipped" about their investigation.

Around the same time, on June 19, three Mexican doctors, Dr. Raymundo Tepeque Cuevas, Dr. Marvin Hernández Ortega, Dr. José Osvaldo Ortega Saucedo and their attorney, Julio César Mejía Salgado, were found dead in the back of a pick up truck in Acapulco. The doctors worked at a community hospital. Hours before their deaths, the Mexican doctors had also been in contact with government officials. The Mexican government is also acting strangely. Family and friends are demanding full, transparent investigations. Cecilia Ortega Solórzano, mother of Hernández Ortega, says officials returned the wrong corpses, too eager to close the case.

"The day we were told about the bodies, we went to identify them, but they didn't belong to our relatives, who have been missing for four days. These corpses were decaying as if they have been dead for 15 days," she said.

Dr. Deborah Gilmaker, is another alternative doctor who was murdered five months ago had told people she was being covertly targeted, and was pleading for help from the government.

Also mysteriously missing as of June 29 is physician and preventive health advocate Dr. Jeffery Whiteside, in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. Door County Sheriff's Department is reportedly looking for Dr. Whiteside, last seen in the Ephraim area at a family vacation home.

Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick, 72, a retired opthalmologist who had practiced in North Dakota, went missing in Montana around July 3rd. NBC reports that the vehicle and trailer of Dr. Fitzpatrick were found abandoned next to a pea field Saturday.

Right now, there are laws in most states allowing parents to exempt their children from being vaccinated but certain lobbyists are clamping down trying to change laws and create public drama.

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