Friday, September 5, 2014

Tsarnaeva Women in the Spotlight


On August 27, the Boston Herald came out with the astonishing news headline: “Tsarnaev’s sister arrested, accused of making bomb threat.” Since then, this unfortunate piece of gossip – which turned out to be totally untrue – has made it into living room conversation around America.
The media stories claim that Jahar’s elder sister Ailina has a boyfriend called ‘George’ and that she made a ‘bomb threat’ towards his ex.
“She made phone threats against another female saying, ‘I know people who can go over there and put a bomb on you,’” New York City police Lt. Paul Ng reportedly told the NY Post. 
Ailina’s husband, formerly known as Jorge, converted to Islam and is now called Ibrahim. And Ailina never made any bomb threat, explained Anne a friend of the family. This situation happened because of a custody dispute between Ailina’s husband and his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a child.  Ailina and Ibrahim have two children together, Imani and Aamir. Ibrahim recently filed for custody of the child he had in his previous relationship. As a result, the ex-girlfriend retaliated.
The ex girlfriend of Ibrahim made up the allegation that Ailina made a bomb threat in an apparent attempt to disqualify Ailina as stepmother. This is not the first time she has targeted Ailina. She has, in the past, made threatening phone calls to Ailina.
“Her boyfriend’s crazy ex is extremely jealous. She got mad at Ali and called the police and said Ali threatened her with a bomb. Or more specifically knowing someone that would come and bomb her. Ali never said that. She can prove it because all of her communication is monitored. So the detective let her go. He said he knew she wasn’t a terrorist,” Anne told the Muslim Observer. 
“This woman making false accusations is Ailina’s husband’s ex girlfriend with whom he shares a child together before Ailina. She is upset because Ibrahim filed for custody, and this girl doesn’t like the fact he moved on and has 2 beautiful children with Ailina! So she’s trying to get Ailina arrested thinking she can get him back or whatever in her twisted head! She told Ailina ‘I’ll show you who I am.’ Then Ailina goes to police and they lock her up… Ailina never threatened this girl & I pray from the information the government has like the texts in her phone where this girl is harassing Ailina is enough proof to turn the tables and get her arrested!!!!!” commented another family friend, Beth.
Ailina is due in court on September 30 to answer the harassment complaint.
Ailina Tsarnaeva was also targeted with a bizarre counterfeit money issue. She had no idea the bill was fake. She paid with a 20 at a store. At the end of the night, they were counting the money and then using the time and the license plate from the video they charged her because it was her car. Since she was already on probation because of this counterfeit money issue that she had no knowledge about, these recent and reportedly bogus harassment charges could harm her a lot. Please pray for her.
Another fake news report that came out this week was that Tamerlan’s widow, Karima Tsarnaeva, maiden name Katherine Russell, had remarried and had a baby. Media paparazzi had snapped a photo of her carrying a baby. However, the baby in question is Imani, the daughter of Ailina. Karima is still in mourning over Tamerlan and living with his sisters in New Jersey. She has absolutely not moved on to another man.
Meanwhile, the defense attorneys for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are proving that they are serious about their jobs. They have filed several motions against the government, one of which, dated August 29, 2014, states that “witnesses are too intimidated to talk to us about our client or about his brother Tamerlan, also, for example, are too intimidated to tell us why. But it is undeniable that the period between the defendant’s arrest on April 19, 2013 and the present has been marked by a succession of highly-publicized arrests, deportations, federal criminal prosecutions, and even one killing of former friends and acquaintances of both Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Most of those targeted have been foreign nationals who inevitably fear deportation regardless of whether criminal charges are ever brought or proven against them.”
Defense attorneys are defending their choice of expert witness Edward Bronson, who is advocating for a change of venue given the prejudice of any potential Boston jury. The government has been attacking his character instead of proving him wrong regarding how media leaks have affected public opinion about the suspect long before trial.
Dzhokhar’s defense is also questioning the “reliability” of forensic reports provided by the government, and want more details on how the evidence was collected and analyzed. The defense continues to press for more time to prepare for trial.
Given the “vital importance to the defendant and to the community that any decision to impose the death sentence be, and appear to be, based on reason rather than caprice or emotion,” Gardner v. Florida, 430 U.S. 349, 357 (1977), it would be constitutionally intolerable to adhere to any trial schedule that would allow time for only the government’s side to be fully heard,” reads a motion filed August 29, 2014.

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