Friday, September 5, 2014

Wife and Sister of Tsarnaev being Harassed and Blackmailed

"Has Katherine Russell remarried and had a baby?" screamed an headline in the UK press, shortly after the NY Post on August 25 published in an article entitled "Boston bomber's widow remarries and has a baby," in which Katherine reportedly snarled at media paparazzi gathered around her home:

"Get out!" "Why don't you leave us alone?"

Russell, wearing hijab and holding a baby — got into a car and drove away.

For some reason, the media are treating the 25 year old widow of Tamerlan Tsarnaev like royalty, as if her every move was newsworthy:

"She was seen arriving home clad in a loose black frock, with a traditional Muslim headscarf tightly wrapped around her head and a pair of large sunglasses obscuring her face," reports the British Daily Mail.

Katherine Russell has not actually remarried nor had a baby. She and her daughter moved in with the Tsarnaeva sisters Ailina and Bella in New Jersey. The baby in question is Ailina's daughter, Imani, not that of Katherine, who is still in mourning.

The lovelies Katherine and Bella were also photographed by paparazzi chatting in the local laundromat.

Then on August 27, the Boston Herald came out with the astonishing and also deeply suspect news headline: "Tsarnaev's sister arrested, accused of making bomb threat."

"She made phone threats against another female saying, 'I know people who can go over there and put a bomb on you,'" said New York City police Lt. Paul Ng.

Anne, a friend of the family, explained to New Trend that Ailina never made any bomb threat. This situation happened because of a custody dispute between Ailina's husband and his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a child.

"Her boyfriend's crazy ex is extremely jealous. She got mad at Ali and called the police and said Ali threatened her with a bomb. Or more specifically knowing someone that would come and bomb her. Ali never said that. She can prove it because all of her communication is monitored. So the detective let her go. He said he knew she wasn't a terrorist."

"This woman making false accusations is Ailina's husband's ex girlfriend [with] whom [he] shares a child together before Ailina. [She] is upset because Ibrahim filed for custody, and this girl doesn't like the fact he moved on and has 2 beautiful children with Ailina! So she's trying to get Ailina arrested thinking she can get him back or whatever in her twisted head! She told Ailina 'I'll show you who I am.' Then Ailina goes to police and they lock her up... Ailina never threatened this girl & I pray from the information the government has like the texts in her phone where this girl is harassing Ailina is enough proof to turn the tables and get her arrested!!!!!" commented a family friend, Britney.

Ailina is due in court on September 30 to answer the harassment complaint.

Ailina Tsarnaeva was also targeted with a bizarre counterfeit money issue. She had no idea it was fake. She paid with a 20 at a store. At the end of the night, they were counting the money and then using the time and the license plate from the video they charged her because it was her car. Since she was already on probation because of this counterfeit money issue that she had no knowledge about. These recent and reportedly bogus harassment charges could harm her a lot. Please pray.

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